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Guaranteeing exceptional results, we are only satisfied with perfection. Therefore, we adhere to our own strict guidelines in The Finery’s ® seven step garment care process.


Detailed assessment

Our garment specialist conducts a painstaking inspection to establish the type of fabric used, the composition of the garment and more. Within the inspection, any imperfections are identified and logged so that every tiny detail is checked. To ensure the garment is cleaned and restored to perfection, important elements such as buttons, embellishment, beading or other is removed or protected so as not to harm them during the process.

Finally, the garment is measured for size, which is noted down on the individual inspection form to safeguard its proportions. Once the assessment is completed, one of our concierge calls the client to explain what needs to be done and describe exactly how we will care for the garment.


Stain removal

The removal of blemishes and marks is one of the most important steps during the care process.  When we carry out Step 1, we pay particular attention to noting any marks, blemishes or stains.  With standard dry-cleaning, it is often impossible to completely remove these types of imperfections but with our own expertise, we know how to remove stains using incredibly gentle cleansing that won’t harm the garments.

We use our own, proven methods as well as advanced techniques. Furthermore, our state-of-the-art equipment also involves UV light to assess the degree of oxidation present in any blemishes which enables us to determine the best course of treatment.



At The Finery®, our service includes gentle cleansing using eco-friendly products of premium quality and we offer several types of garment cleansing, such as hand-washing, dry-cleaning and delicate washing. Additionally, for any items involving hand or delicate washing, we always air-dry garments.



Repairing and restoring luxury garments is part of our extensive process and our specialists already have information on any minor repairs that may need to be fulfilled as part of our outstanding service. Should there be any need for repairs, our specialists will discuss them with the client, prior to undertaking the task.


Hand finishing

Following our fastidious cleaning and faultless restoration steps, our skilled craftspeople take great pleasure in hand finishing the luxury garment.  We always strive for perfection, which is our benchmark for every garment that leaves The Finery®.  



Following hand finishing, the luxury garment is inspected under the critical eye of our Quality Assurance Managers. Our experts examine the garment for cleanliness, general appearance, checking any repairs undertaken and ensuring the hand finishing meets our meticulous high standards. This step is vital in ensuring that we have carried out every step thoroughly.



At The Finery®, we appreciate the impact of aesthetics and know that effective packaging is vital for secure delivery of the items. Using our custom hangers and specially designed bags and boxes, we ensure garments are returned safely to your wardrobe. 

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