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High-End Designer Beachwear Needs Extra-Gentle Dry Cleaning or Laundry, by The Finery®

Designer Beachwear needs to be treated gently so it continues to turn heads when you wear it by the pool or at the beach. With The Finery®, your swimwear gets the gold-standard in cleaning and restoration. Our team of experts understand the different fabrics involved in the construction of bikinis, swimsuits, swim shorts and cover-ups.

We always treat delicate Beachwear materials by hand because the fabrics often used in designer swimsuits such as lycra, spandex and polyester are fragile and must be looked after accordingly. Rest-assured, when you entrust your Beachwear to us, we use the kindest, gentlest processes and eco-friendly detergent, so it’s returned to you perfectly clean, refreshed and ready for wear.

Handle restoration, and fixing of metal trims

Embellishment, and stitching repairs

Canvas, silk, and satin restoration

Suede, leather, and exotic skin repairs

Color restoration

Scuffs, scratches, tears and stains


Lycra is used in Beachwear for stretch and fit and over-washing as well as high temperatures can reduce its elasticity. Furthermore, very hot temperatures can shrink Lycra which is why we are meticulous in our approach when cleaning Beachwear. When swimsuit cleaning, we only use cool wet-cleaning processes, at 25°, finishing at 110° without using steam. With The Finery®, your Beachwear looks as fabulous as it did when you first purchased it.


Like Lycra, spandex is often used in Beachwear as it provides excellent stretch and fit. Washing spandex Beachwear at high temperatures will harm your garments which is why we are extremely careful with the type of process we use. All spandex Beachwear is washed at 25°, and finished at 110° without using steam, for a beautiful result every time.


Beachwear crafted from polyester must be well-looked after to retain its good looks and fit. At The Finery®, we wash at low temperatures, pressing without steam so your Beachwear has a spotless finish.

How The Finery® Treats Beachwear

Looking after all types of luxury clothing is what we do best, and Beachwear is no exception. From the moment your garments arrive at The Finery®, they are meticulously handled by experts. Their journey begins with a thorough inspection to note down any specialist care, marks, stains and possible repairs that need to be carried out. With your permission, we will tend to any repairs and clean your Beachwear to perfection using our very own Seven-Step Garment Care Process. Beachwear needs to be washed at low temperatures, with minimal steaming. Once we’ve finished the process, we will conduct another inspection and then carefully pack your garments in acid-free tissue paper, place in our custom bags or boxes ready to return it back to you. We are confident we are the best swimsuit cleaner service and have countless delighted customers.
To discuss the specialist bathing suit cleaner process with us, contact The Finery® customer care team here.

Give your beachwear the luxury cleaning they deserve

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