Bedlinen and Bedding

Bedlinen and Bedding

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Sweet Dreams Begin With The Finery®, Where We Care For Your Luxury Bed Linen Cleaning

The Finery®’s Bed Linen Cleaning Service covers Duvets, Pillows, Pillow Covers and Bedsheets. We attentively use our laundry system or dry clean all quality materials, preserving your beautiful Bedding so it feels delightfully fresh, fragrant, super-soft and inviting.

We Scrutinise Your Bed Linen

Striving for perfection, our linen cleaners’ expert team takes care to meticulously inspect every item, noting down any embellishment, fine detail, marks, stains, tears or other necessary repairs that may need tending to. With your permission, we oversee any necessary repairs, then perfectly clean your Bed Linen, restoring and refreshing it using a washing process that is gentle, yet extremely effective.
Luxury Bedding and Bed Linen can be made using a variety of quality materials, such as Egyptian Cotton, Microfibres, Linen and Silk (amongst others). Our team deeply understands the intricacies of each fabric, using the right washing process, which is usually specialist wet-cleaning technology (although depending on certain materials, finishes and embellishments, we may use other effective yet gentle methods).

Handle restoration, and fixing of metal trims

Embellishment, and stitching repairs

Canvas, silk, and satin restoration

Suede, leather, and exotic skin repairs

Color restoration

Scuffs, scratches, tears and stains


Silk is the most premium material used for luxury Bed Linen and must be expertly cared for. At The Finery®, we understand how to handle silk, preventing wear and tear. Therefore, we use extremely gentle detergent and washing processes involving wet-cleaning technology to effectively remove stains without damaging this delicate fabric.


Linen is a popular luxury fabric used for Bed Linen and is a wonderful choice for comfort. Naturally cooling and breathable, to keep linen immaculate, specialist cleaning is best. Our process involves wet-cleaning technology, which gently lifts stains and marks out of linen, and won’t ruin its crisp good-looks. Furthermore, our steam press keeps your linen looking crease-free for longer.


While microfibre is a synthetic material, it is still very popular for high-end Bed Linen and Bedding and quality microfibre needs gentle, loving care. We treat your microfibre Bed Linen with extra-special attention, especially as it is heat-sensitive. For this purpose, during our Bed Sheet laundry service, we apply cool washing using eco-friendly detergent and state-of-the-art equipment, essential to keep your Bed Linen in the pristine condition you expect from us.

Cotton & Egyptian Cotton

A natural, breathable fibre, cotton must be well-looked after to maintain its beauty. Over-washing tends to lead to shrinkage, fade colours and disturb the softness. We take time to understand the type of cotton involved, including the thread count and use the right method, accordingly, only choosing eco-friendly, delicate detergents. Your Cotton Bedlinen feels delightfully clean, fresh and is ironed to precision perfection – ready for you to enjoy a wonderfully restful night sleep.

How The Finery® Treats Bedding and Bed Linen, For a Peaceful Night’s Sleep

At The Finery®, we thoroughly look after your Bedding and Bed Linen, so when you receive it back, it is in perfect condition, precision-pressed and ready to welcome you to bed. Our care process begins with our experts examining your Bed Linen from top to bottom, noting any marks, stains or repairs that need tending to. Should there be any bedding laundry service special care instructions, we pay attention to whatever is required and if your Bed Linen needs repair, we contact you first. Your Bed Linen will then go through our unique Seven-Step Garment Care Process, using wet-dry cleaning, or other cleaning process if necessary. Once complete, your clean Bed Linen will undergo a final inspection before being wrapped in acid-free tissue paper and placed in our custom boxes ready to be returned back to you.
To find out more about our Bedding and Bed Linen cleaning service, talk to our helpful customer care team here.

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