Winter Wear

Winter Wear

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Immaculately Clean Winter Clothing With The Finery’s® Specialist Winterwear Cleaning and Laundry Service

The Finery® will take care of your precious clothes, keeping them fresh, clean and looking as-good-as-new. Our Winter Clothing laundry and dry cleaning service is ideal before the cooler season to refresh your favourite items, but it’s just as useful during the season and just before the warmer months, when you wish to store away your heavier clothing for next year. Rest assured, we cover winter jacket dry cleaning, ski jacket dry cleaning and coat dry cleaning, in any fabric.

For Quality Cleaning, Every Time

We provide best-in-class care for your winter clothing and our expert team boast deep understanding of every type of fabric, whether woollens, cashmere, heavy cottons, silk, manmade fibres and all others too. When you choose The Finery® to clean and preserve your Winter Clothing, rest assured that we conduct a thorough inspection of every garment, noting any wear and tear, marks, stains or other potential problems. We can take care of repairs too and our washing and dry-cleaning process only uses gentle, eco-friendly detergent that’s kind, yet extremely effective.
As purveyors of excellence, our dry cleaning and laundry knowledge includes looking after luxury materials, such as cashmere, angora, silk, other woollens and more (such as mink coat cleaning too). That means we ensure your clothing is properly handled, and characteristics preserved so they look perfect when returned to you. We only use specialist equipment and gentle detergents, to safeguard, for example, a cashmere sweater will retain its beautiful pile, wool will not flatten (when we dry clean cashmere sweater and scarves for example), silks remain soft and smooth.

Handle restoration, and fixing of metal trims

Embellishment, and stitching repairs

Canvas, silk, and satin restoration

Suede, leather, and exotic skin repairs

Color restoration

Scuffs, scratches, tears and stains


Heavy silk is popular for the cooler months and our clients entrust us with their silk garments regularly. We know just how precious this delicate fabric is, and make sure that it is treated as gently as possible, using specialist cleaning, eco-friendly techniques and returned in pristine condition.


Wool must always be taken care of by experts, so it doesn’t experience pilling, distortion or flattening. Even greater care must be taken with luxury woollens, such as cashmere, mohair or angora. Our team understand how to do this, ensuring your garments don’t lose their shape, warmth or appearance. We dry-clean your garments using Green Earth technology – even placing delicates into net bags, turned inside-out for prudence. Following the cleaning process, we gently brush piles using a special brush to restore appearance without inflicting any wear or tear.

How The Finery® Treats Winter Clothing

As soon as your winter clothes reach our experts, items undergo a scrupulous inspection to pinpoint any wear and tear, marks and stains. With your permission, we will also undertake any repairs (even suede jacket repair) and once your garments are ready for the cleaning process, they are subject to our unique Seven-Step Garment Care Process, using wet-dry cleaning, or other dry-cleaning processes if required. At the end of the cleaning process, your garments are inspected once again, to ensure they are perfect in every way. Then they are wrapped in acid-free tissue paper and boxed in our exclusive, custom boxes ready for wear or to place in storage until needed.
To find out more about Winter Clothing garment care, speak to our helpful customer care team here.

Give your winter clothes the luxury cleaning they deserve

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