Evening gowns

Evening gowns

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We Clean Couture, Designer and Luxury Dresses for a Flawless Finish

Entrust your lavish Evening Dress cleaning to The Finery® purveyors of impeccable garment care and dress restoration.

Exemplary Evening Dresses Care You Can Rely On

Our clientele return to The Finery® time and again, safe in the knowledge that their treasured Evening Gowns are in the best possible hands. We look after all luxury materials, thoroughly cleaning and restoring your cherished garments, so they look as good as the first time you wore them – if not better. We Understand Couture and Designer Wear We deeply understand how important your extravagant Evening Dresses are to you, and we know how to protect them properly. As soon as your Evening Gown has experienced our inspection, repair and cleaning service, it will be lovingly packaged using acid-free tissue, our padded hangers and then packed away in one of our exclusive bags or boxes.
With years of experience caring for every different type of luxe fabric, we have extensive knowledge in looking after silk, chiffon, satin, triacetate, acetate, polyester and viscose (amongst others). Each material possesses its own intricacies which means it must be expertly handled so as not to disturb its beautiful characteristics.

Handle restoration, and fixing of metal trims

Embellishment, and stitching repairs

Canvas, silk, and satin restoration

Suede, leather, and exotic skin repairs

Color restoration

Scuffs, scratches, tears and stains


Many manmade materials need specialist care and acetate is one example. This is another delicate fabric that is often used in couture and designer wear, and understandably, because it boasts a fabulous sheen that could disappear if it is not cleaned using the correct process. Our experts work with acetate regularly, preserving its lustre and keep it looking as good as new, so your Evening Gown is ready for its next special event.


Chiffon Evening Gowns need extra care because of the fragility of this luxury fabric. The Finery®’s experts understand how to maintain its beauty, so there’s no snagging or damage. We inspect by hand and use the kindest detergent that gently cleanses your Evening Gown, lifting out dirt and marks without harming the material. Your Evening Gown is returned to you unblemished and perfect, as expected.


Haute couture Evening Gowns made using Triacetate, (a delicate, manmade fibre) must be cared for with utmost precision. We understand the properties of triacetate, and use gentle, yet effective eco-friendly cleansing to remove marks, dirt and stains, carefully restoring your Evening Dress so it looks just as breathtaking as the first time you wore it.

Silk & Satin

Couture and Designer Evening Gowns are often hand-sewn using silk and satin and we have extensive knowledge on the nature of these fabrics, the importance of delicate treatment and to exercise caution during the cleaning process. That is why when it comes to silk dress cleaning, we spend time examining your precious Evening Gown prior to cleaning and restoring. We pinpoint any marks, stains, tears or other damage and when we reach the cleansing step, we use kind, gentle eco-friendly detergent that won’t cause your Evening Gown any distress.

Polyester & Viscose

Luxury Evening Dresses often involve polyester or viscose. These manmade fibres are popular favourites in designer wear, which is why caring for your Evening Gown properly is essential to preserve it for future events, especially as these materials are heat-sensitive, so require special handling. Our team will ensure meticulous care is taken to cleanse and restore your Evening Dress, so it looks as new.

How The Finery® Treats Your Exquisite Evening Dresses

The Finery® is used to looking after haute couture and designer wear. Every Evening Gown that passes through our doors is thoroughly cared for and handled by our garment care experts. We begin dress preservation by carefully examining your Evening Gown, paying attention to noting down any special characteristics such as embellishment, embroidery, sequins, crystals or other detail. We also check the fabric, so we know how to treat it properly. During inspection, any signs of wear or tear, stains, marks and damage are noted down too and with your permission, we also tend to repairs, restoring your Evening Dress to perfection. Your Evening Gown goes through our very own Seven-Step Garment Care Process, using Green Earth Technology (an eco-friendly, dermatologically gentle solvent) which is of low specific gravity and perfect for extra-special garments.
To find out more about Evening Dress Dry Cleaning talk to The Finery® customer care team here.

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