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For Spotlessly Clean Power Dressing – The Finery® Keeps Your Suits Looking Handsome

From the boardroom to client dinners, appearances are important which is why our clientele choose The Finery® to look after their suit dry cleaning and restoration.

Precision Luxury Tuxedo Cleaning and Laundry

Our team of garment care experts have extensive knowledge in caring for suits’ luxury materials, we know what it takes to deliveran immaculate presentation.
Your designer suit will always look as good as the day you first took it home with you, when you choose The Finery®. More than just a suit cleaners’ service, we pride ourselves on only looking after luxury items. To that end, we understand how to take care of pure new wool, cotton, viscose and polyester, ensuring you’re impeccably dressed, whatever the occasion.

Handle restoration, and fixing of metal trims

Embellishment, and stitching repairs

Canvas, silk, and satin restoration

Suede, leather, and exotic skin repairs

Color restoration

Scuffs, scratches, tears and stains


Lightweight, comfortable cotton suits are the preference for many during warmer weather. This breathable fabric needs careful attention when it comes to the cleaning process, and we understand the intricacies of this natural fibre. Cotton must be gently cleansed, so as not to disturb the look and feel of the material, so we only use special machinery and gentle detergent to lift away dirt carefully and effectively, as well as to remove stains and marks. The result is a pristine, good-as-new suit.


A good alternative to cotton, viscose is another suit fabric ideal for warmer climates. To keep a designer viscose suit looking smart, premium quality suit dry cleaning is essential. At The Finery®, not only do we remove dirt, lift marks and stains off your viscose suit using gentle detergent, but we also tend to any necessary repairs. Everything is completed to perfection as you would expect.


Nowadays, more designer suits are made using manmade fibres such as polyester and the quality must be maintained so you keep your suit looking as new. Using Green Earth Technology and The Finery’s skill and expertise, we know exactly how to maintain the sleek good looks of your polyester suit, so you always look suave and sophisticated. From gentle, eco-friendly cleaning to any repairs and restoration, these are the reasons our clientele trust in our quality garment care service.

How The Finery® Treats Your Smart Designer Suits

At The Finery®, we know exactly what your designer suit needs to retain its elegance. We are used to dealing with Superbrands, haute couture and designer garments. When you entrust us with your suit, we begin the process by conducting a thorough examination, noting any marks, stains and tears. Next, we discuss any necessary repairs with you and once you confirm you’re happy with our garment care plan, your suit undergoes our unique Seven-Step Garment Care Process. All suits are gently cleaned using Green Earth Technology (an eco-friendly, dermatologically gentle solvent), ideal for removing dirt, stains and marks without inflicting any damage while remaining environmentally friendly. Then they are precision-pressed, inspected and hand-packed in acid-free tissue, placed on custom hangers and stored in our exclusive The Finery® boxes. All of the above is included in our suit cleaning price.
To discuss our suit cleaning service and restoration, contact The Finery®’s customer care team here.

Give your suits the luxury cleaning they deserve

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