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Traditional Wear

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The Experts Caring For Your Luxury Traditional Wear

Luxury traditional wear like sarees and abayas deserve luxury cleaning. At The Finery®, we thoroughly appreciate luxury fabrics, understanding how to properly look after different materials so they always look outstanding upon return. Furthermore, our trained professionals are able to tend to any repairs, restoring your traditional garments to as-new condition.

To Us, Only the Best Will Do

Our dry cleaning for silk saris service extends to Abayas, Kanduras, Pattus and more – your treasured garments are always in our capable hands. Once your Traditional Wear has completed our inspection, repair and cleaning service, garments will be returned to you in perfect condition, hand-packed in our very own bespoke boxes or bags and wrapped in acid-free tissue for added protection.
Whether you’re seeking highly competent specialists for silk Saree cleaning, or you wish to have cotton Abayas or polyester Pattus perfectly cleaned and refreshed, the service you receive from The Finery® is unparalleled. We can look after any fabric, no matter what your garment’s material. Our connoisseurs of garment care know the intricacies of each type of fabric and use effective techniques along with mild, eco-friendly detergent, without risk of harm to your Traditional Wear.

Handle restoration, and fixing of metal trims

Embellishment, and stitching repairs

Canvas, silk, and satin restoration

Suede, leather, and exotic skin repairs

Color restoration

Scuffs, scratches, tears and stains


The most luxurious of all natural fibres, silk must be handled by qualified garment care craftsmen to prevent snagging, to maintain its lustrous sheen and its delightful softness. Saris in particular can bleed if washed in extreme temperatures. At The Finery®, we know that to get the best possible results, we must only use gentle dry-cleaning methods for Pattu Saree cleaning as well as for other Traditional Wear. Any necessary repairs are also attended to, with your permission, so your garments arrive back in faultless condition.


Cotton Abayas and Kanduras are often crafted from fine, Egyptian cotton with a high thread count to give marvellous drape and softness. The Finery® 's garment care service treats cotton with careful consideration, so it retains its quality, comfort and appearance. Using mild, eco-friendly detergents, colours remain vibrant so your cotton Traditional Wear returns to you, crease-free, looking and feeling wonderful.


For Traditional Wear such as Abayas and Kanduras made out of polyester, we employ the best possible low-temperature cleaning so there’s no risk of creasing. As well as using Green Earth technology, we also apply low-temperature ironing to prevent scorching, for first-class results

How The Finery® Treats Your Traditional Wear

At The Finery®, we appreciate the delicacy involved in the make-up of your special garments. As soon as they reach us, we begin our unique process, by checking each item from top to bottom, noting down any special characteristics, embellishment, type of fabric and inspecting for possible repairs. We use the right cleaning method according to your garment and its fabric and all our detergents are as gentle as possible, environmentally friendly using Green Earth Technology for a top-quality finish. Once your garment is clean, pressed (at low temperature to avoid scorching) and repaired (where necessary), we give it a final inspection before packing it in acid-free tissue paper, placing it on our very own bespoke hangers, bag or box ready for you to wear.
To find out more about Pattu Saree Cleaning and other Traditional Wear garment care, talk to The Finery®’s customer care team here.

Give your traditional clothes the luxury cleaning they deserve

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